Dive with playful Sea Lions and travel to the famous Darwin and Wolf Islands on our Galapagos Islands liveaboard scuba diving trip. You’ll see Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks, and clouds of tuna.

In 2016, Ecuador created a marine sanctuary in the area of Darwin and Wolf that includes 15,000 square miles as off limits to all fishing to conserve the sharks that congregate there and the ecosystem on which they rely. 32% of the waters around the Galapagos islands will now be protected from fishing.

Our Galapagos Islands liveaboard scuba diving trips offer a brand new itinerary in compliance with the Galapagos National Park regulations which requires companies with permits to follow the exact itinerary below.

  • Charter runs Thursday to Thursday.
  • Charter includes: 4 dives a day, 2 morning and 2 afternoon. In addition, 2 night dives and 2 land excursions per week are offered.
  • June - November average water temperature: 60-75F, 16-24C (Cooler water and Whale Shark sightings are greater.)
  • December - May average water temperature: 70-86F, 21-30C (Warmer, clearer water, larger schools of Hammerheads, Manta Rays & Eagle Rays.)
  • 5 - 7mm wetsuit recommended. See Captain's Logs to get exact water temperatures.
  • All dives are made from two 8 ft x 20 ft dive tenders.

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