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Cuba's Garden's of the Queen National Park, the largest and healthiest marine reserve in the Carbbean .

The M/V Oceans for Youth is equipped and staffed for two programs: the EcoExploration Program, and the Classroom-at-Sea Program. All programs are hands on and take place in the beautiful ecosystem of the Gardens of the Queen.  Internationally recognized Cuban marine scientists will be your guides and instructors throughout the week.

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  An Aggressor destination since 2015.

Cuba Classroom-at-Sea is a field-based program for educational groups and other organizations interested in studying marine biology or ecology. Field sites include the following habitats: deep and shallow coral reefs, seagrasses, lagoon systems, mangroves, and barrier islands concentrated in the Gardens of the Queen park. 

  • The program runs Saturday to Saturday.
  • Itinerary includes exploring marine and coastal habitats with Cuban biologists and resource management experts to include daily snorkeling and island excursions (with 2 optional scuba diving sites including 4 dives total).
  • M/V Oceans for Youth has one to two (as needed) strong sided tenders with sturdy aluminum ladders.
  • All field excursions are from tenders. 
  • Water temperature range from 78 - 82F, 25 - 28C. 

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