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Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Derawan Islands, Indonesia

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Derawan Islands:
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The Derawan Islands (Kepulauan Derawan) are located off the eastern coast of Borneo (East Kalimantan Province) in Indonesia, in the famous Celebes Sea. Derawan is an archipelago with the main islands being Derawan, Maratua, Kakaban and Sangalaki, forming small and remote atolls with sandy banks. This special place is considered the second most biodiverse place in the world.

Derawan Islands are part of the Coral Triangle, which features 872 species of reef fish, 507 species of coral, and invertebrates, including protected species (5 giants clam species, 2 sea turtles, coconut crab, etc.).

The diving offers abundant marine life with a huge variety of coral reef dives, caves, walls, and lagoons, including a jellyfish lake visit. Guests will see sharks, schooling barracudas, mantas, whalesharks and macro life. Derawan also contains the largest green turtle nesting site in Indonesia, making dives with turtles quite common.

The itinerary starts and ends from Berau which has an international airport and multiple daily direct flights from Jakarta. Making the trip an connections quite easy for international travelers.

The Raja Ampat Aggressor guests will embark and disembark from Berau. Once guests arrive, they will be greeted at the host hotel or airport and transferred to the yacht which will be docked 30 minutes away.

The Kalimarau Airport, also known as Berau Airport (BEJ) is an airport serving Tanjung Redeb in the Berau Regency, East Kalimantan province, Indonesia.  There are daily flights between Jakarta and Balikpapan and Berau being serviced by Garuda Air and Lion Air.

Diving Highlights:
Kakaban:  Kakaban is known for the non-stinging jelly fish lake, located in the middle of the island and a brisk 15 minute walk. The non-stinging jellyfish have inhabited the lake for centuries as there are no known predators.  The outer ring of Kakaban island offers divers a wide variety of dive sites that includes corals, large  pelagic and thrilling caves.
The most famous area is Barracuda Point which has schooling barracuda which are visited by large tuna and sharks. 

Sangalaki: This area is famous for the large population of turtles and manta rays year round and guests will frequently see them feeding. The
island has a turtle nursery run by the local government which can be visited. Whale sharks are frequently seen off the coast of the island.

Maratua atoll: The Raja Ampat Aggressors favorite dives are  "The Channel" and "Big Fish Country" which has tornadoes of barracuda, grey reef sharks, thresher sharks, loads of turtles and schooling eagle rays schooling. Maratua Island has at least 13 caves with hundreds more that have yet to be explored.

Pulau Panjang & Pulau Derawan: This is an area known for amazing macro life such as satomi pigmys, sea dragons, ghost pipefish, frogfish, blue ring octopus, harlequin shrimp and tiger shrimp. This is a macro haven with the weird and wonderful.

Talisayan: A large population of whalesharks can be found here during the diving season. Similar to Cenderawasih Bay, the whale sharks can be found swimming under the fishing platforms of the local fishermen.

Sample Seven Itinerary (22 Dives)
• Day 1: On the charter start date, guests will be picked up at the Kalimarau International Airport, Berau (BEJ) and transferred to the Raja Ampat Aggressor or their local partner lounge until boarding. Once all guests are onboard, the adventure begins to the Derawan Islands (approximately 10 hours). No diving this day.
• Day 2: 4 dives in Sangalaki Island
• Day 3: 4 dives in Kakaban Island
• Day 4: 4 dives in Talisayan Whale Sharks
• Day 5: 4 dives in Maratua
• Day 6: 4 dives in Maratua
• Day 7: 2 dives in Derawan.
• Day 8: Disembark and transfer to the Berau International Airport or partner lounge in the area.

Choices of hotels close to the Airport and Harbor:
Hotel Bumi Segah is a three star hotel Distance 8.7km (15-18 Minutes) from Airport and 1.3km (4 Minutes) to Harbor.
Grand Parama Hotel is a three star hotel Distance 10.7km (21 Minutes) from Airport and 2.7km (7 Minutes) to Harbor.
Hotel Palmy Exclusive Hotel is a 2 star hotel Distance 11.7km (24 Minutes) from Airport and 650 meters (2 Minutes) to Harbor.

More Information:
Derawan is an unexplored destination with just a few resorts.  Located in the Celebes Sea, these are the same waters that feed the reefs of famous places like Bunaken, South Philippines, and is compared to West Borneo (Malaysian part) and the Sipadan Islands.

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