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    1st Captain & Engineer

    Rodney is from Negros Island, Philippines. He graduated from merchant marine school and worked on the seas for more than 20 years. During that time he became a boat captain and started diving in 2005. He loved it!  He became passionate about diving in the Philippines and around the Island of Hispaniola and in the Bahamas while working in cruiseline industry. He worked as a captain on a liveaboard in the Philippines for 2 years before he joined Bahamas Aggressor as engineer and 2nd captain in June 2018. He is a dedicated professional that works to make sure the boat is safe and maintains a good family atmosphere. Rodney is excited to welcome you onboard Bahamas Aggressor and to show you to the best dive sites around the Exuma and Eleuthra as well in Tiger Beach.

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    Chris Marek

    2nd Captain/Senior Dive Instructor

    Growing up with parents that SCUBA dove, Chris’ teething ring was also his mouth piece. In 1994 he didn’t waste any time and  got certified. Four years later he became an Instructor. 

    While pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biological Oceanography, he worked at a local dive shop where he led dive trips all over the world. His first experience with Aggressor was in Kona, Hawaii. After several years of enjoying recreational diving, he packed up and moved to Pompano Beach,  Florida to work full time as a SCUBA Instructor while crewing a dive boat. 

    This is where he earned his OUPV Captain’s license. Followed shortly afterwards earning his 100 ton Masters license. 

    After several years of running Day Boat charters for divers all around the Pompano Beach area, Chris began freelance yacht driving, earning his 200 ton Captains license.

    When the opportunity came to join the Aggressor Liveaboard team, he didn’t hesitate. 

    When Chris isn’t Captain of the Bahamas Aggressor you can find him on the golf course, or the snowboard slope. When he’s not there he’s traveling the world diving and visiting friends and family.  

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    2nd Captain/Dive Instructor

    Born in San Francisco, Dan knew he was destined for great things. He grew up in Maryland and California. He went to college in Florida where he decided, on a research trip to the Caribbean, that the life of a dive bum was for him.
    He became a scuba instructor in 2008 before he moved to Hawaii to work as a dive instructor/boat Captain.
    Dan enjoys traveling, American football and delicious food.
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    Romel is a very enthusiastic, energetic, and hardworking. He started diving in 1998 in the Bahamas while he was working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Then in 2003, he got his PADI Instructor certificate and started sharing his love of the ocean by teaching his friends and family how to dive. After working for RCCL for 10 years, he found another job in the Bahamas as a dive instructor for Stuart Cove Dive Bahamas in Nassau. And later, he became the Maintenance Engineer for Stuart Cove and worked for the company for 10 years.

    In 2020, everyone got laid off, including Romel. So, when the pandemic eased up and companies started opening again, he tried looking for another job and found himself working for the Aggressor Liveaboards.

    His first contract was with the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II. He fit right in with the crewa nd the guests love him for he always greeted them with a smile. His passion for diving made the guests comfortable diving. When the boat needs some TLC,  Romel is always on top of it.

    He is now with the Bahamas Aggressor where he will be staying and will call home.

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    Dive Instructor

    Megan grew up in Maine, on one of the many lakes. She always had a love for the water, and any activity involving it; boating, waterskiing, even ice skating, and ice fishing. Frozen water can be fun too. But it wasn’t until moving to Hawaii, and only having the ocean to play in, that she discovered the much bigger underwater world. Everything changed for her after dive one. From then on she focused on becoming a professional diver, why not do what you love? Throughout her training she also worked in the shop of the dive company that was certifying her, learning everything she could about the industry. Five years later, not only had she become a Dive Instructor, she had also worked her way up to management for one of that company's 5 shops, as well as her 100 ton captains license to drive the multiple day boats they had. Ready for a new challenge, Megan accepted a position with Aggressor. Spending 6 weeks on the Turks & Caicos vessel in October 2020, and now with the Bahamas crew as a dive instructor.

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    Shawn Wakefield

    Dive Instructor/Relief Engineer

    Shawn first fell in love with the ocean when he was a young lad. Growing up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, he spent his time exploring the dunes and ultimately the underwater world at age 10. Since then, his passion for adventure and thirst for new seascapes to explore have taken him on the journey of a lifetime. He spent 3 years living in several countries throughout Central America and has since continued to travel the world while immersing himself fully in local cultures and languages.

    Shawn’s love of the ocean led him to become a PADI Dive Master, and he is currently pursuing a Scuba Instructor certification as well as a captain’s license. College education provided him a degree in Marine Service Technology which has since enabled Shawn to be an apprentice to engineers aboard yachts. When he arrived in South Florida, he immediately landed a position working aboard USHER for Fleet Miami, a luxury yacht charter company. After some time away, he returned to Pompano Beach for a couple of years and continued his career as a Dive Master for local charter companies.

    Recently presented with the opportunity to fulfill his travel lust once again, he has joined the Aggressor Liveaboard team. Whether you’re looking for the best (or worst) boat jokes or an unforgettable time under the sea, Shawn is certain to add an element of excitement to your journey aboard Aggressor.

    Dive Dive Dive!!!

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    Originally from South Africa, Dalmaine moved to London at the age of 18 where he began his culinary career. Following stints in some of London's top restaurants , Dalmaine's culinary experience now spans over five continents. 
    During a ' round the world ' travel holiday in 2011, his love for diving began in Thailand and went up to instructor level in 2014. 
    When he is not in the kitchen or in the ocean scuba diving, Dalmaine enjoys playing guitar, playing a round of golf and surfing.

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