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Dive Store - A business with a store front and open during business hours that sells and services scuba equipment, teaches scuba diving and fills tanks.

Travel Agency - A business accredited by IATA, ARC, CLIA or a foreign country equivalent that sells travel to the public including but not limited to accommodations, airline, hotel and tours.

Wholesaler/Tour Operator - A business that sells travel to other resellers, exhibits at travel shows, promotes their businss online/print advertising, advertises Aggressor Adventures brand (s) on their website and generates a minimum of $25,000 in annual sales excluding group travel.

*Active Dive Instructors and Dive Clubs, please email for more information
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Airline Travel
Scuba Instruction
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If you are applying as a Wholesaler/Tour Operator, please list 5 companies (Dive Centers and/or Travel Agencies) you have made reservations for in the past year:
Where do you advertise?
How do you plan to market Aggressor Adventures?

Travel Agents & Wholesalers
Foreign Companies use your country's equivalent of CLIA or ATOL number  
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