The team at Aggressor Adventures provides guests with the most up-to-date information regarding upcoming trips. Please check this page and the Know Before You Go document at the time of booking and in advance of your adventure to ensure you have everything you will need before you leave.


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Getting There, Passports & Visa Documentation:

The Hurghada International Airport is approximately 4 hours from Port Ghalib and the Marsa Alam International Airport is 10 minutes from Port Ghalib. Below are the airlines that fly into both airports. There are many other airlines that offer direct flights.

Hurghada International Airport (HRG): Turkish Air, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa & Condor, Egypt Air, Air Berlin

Marsa Alam International Airport (RMF): Egypt Air (seasonal Jan-Mar, Oct-Dec), Swiss Air - year around service once a week to/from Zurich on Thursday, Air Berlin - seasonal flights

Passports/Port Clearance to Travel: (Required 10 Days Prior to Charter Start DateAll passport and detail information must be entered in the GIS (Guest Information System) and completed 10 days prior to the departure date. The yacht requires a scanned copy of each guest’s passport to be uploaded through the GIS 10 days prior to the yacht departure so it can be sent to local authorities to secure permission for guests to board. Egyptian citizens must scan a copy of their ID and passport no less than 14 days prior to arrival for port clearance.    

Visitors must have a current passport, adequate funds to support themselves, and a return airline ticket. US citizens require a passport that must be valid for 6 months from date of entry. It is the travelers’ responsibility to ensure they have the proper visa to travel into each country on his or her itinerary as well as for re-entry and return to their country. Since regulations vary by country, contact your consulate or embassy of your country for the requirement.

Travel Advisory: We are unable to accept reservations from guests traveling on an Israeli passport due to Egyptian maritime regulations. There is a risk that when the Port Authority is clearing the yacht to depart Port Ghalib on the charter, travel may be delayed and/or denied by the authorities for these individuals.

Minimum Age For Diving: The minimum age to scuba dive in the Red Sea is 15 years of age.

Please Note: Drones are not allowed in Egypt. The Egyptian Government forbids international tourists from carrying drone aircraft into the country. If you do enter Egypt with a drone aircraft, the Egyptian Government warns they will confiscate the drone.


Transfers:14-days prior to boarding the yacht, advance transportation reservations are required for complimentary pick up from the Marsa Alam International Airport.

Airport transfers are included and complimentary if arriving and departing from the Marsa Alam Airport on the charter start/end dates to and from Port Ghalib Harbor, where the yacht docks. If you are part of the complimentary transfer from the Marsa Alam Airport to the yacht, an English-speaking guide will meet and greet you to assist with your luggage inside the airport and another English-speaking guide will be waiting for guests outside the airport.

Transfers are provided from the Marsa Alam Airport to Port Ghalib Marina when the guests arrive. The transfer to the Marsa Alam Airport after the charter is at 8 am Saturday morning (for 7-night charters). One-way transfers to or from Hurghada is $119 for one guest and $60 per person for 2 – 4 guests.

A complimentary pick-up and drop-off on the charter start/end dates is provided from Marina Lodge by Zodiac, Siva Port Ghalib, or Palace Port Ghalib by golf cart for guests registered at these hotels.

If you are already in Marsa Alam, Hurghada or Port Ghalib and making your own way to the Red Sea Aggressor III, she is docked at the Port Ghalib Harbor and boarding starts at 3 pm. Please be sure to include your arrival time and/or hotel reservations when completing your online paperwork through the GIS. (Taxis can be arranged to other locations.)

We highly recommend arriving in Hurghada or Port Ghalib at least one day prior to boarding. Early arrival will not only help you get acclimated to the local climate but ensure a timely arrival and that all bags have arrived.

Departure for the Red Sea Deep South is Saturday at 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

After the Port Authorities have checked all guests’ passports and given clearance to leave, no one can board the boat under any circumstances.  No bags or guests can be delivered to the yacht after clearance is given.

Arrival Back to Port
The yacht returns to Port Ghalib Friday afternoon between 2 – 4 pm. A sunset cocktail party will be held then guests may go ashore for dinner at one of the many restaurants at Port Ghalib. Dinner Friday night is the only meal not provided with the cruise. After the Red Sea Aggressor III returns to port guests may also visit Port Ghalib for shopping and nightlife. 

Local Fees/Taxes

There is a USD $45 Port Fee per person and a USD $105 Marine Park fee per person to visit 2 Marine Parks for either routes. The yacht doesn't not accept travelers checks due to the banks not accepting them. There is a 14% Value Added Tax (VAT) required by the Egyptian Federal Law for all onboard billings for any retail or service added to your bill that includes port fees, marine park fees, dive courses, clothing sales and nitrox.

Upon arrival to Egypt, all guests must pay an entry visa of $25. They do not offer a multi-entry visa. (subject to change without notice) If guests would like to purchase a visa in advance, please visit:

Please Note: Drones are not allowed in Egypt. The Egyptian Government forbids international tourists from carrying drone aircraft into the country. If you do enter Egypt with a drone aircraft, the Egyptian Government warns they will confiscate the drone.

Taxes and fees paid onboard the yacht are subject to change without notice.