*Air Temp.  82° F - 28°C

*Water Temp. 82°F - 28°C

* Visibility 50-100 ft  15-20 m



Cruise Director: Urik

Captain: Hussein

2nd Captain: Sahumadh

Engineer: Madhu

2nd Engineer: Sammy

Divemaster: Naim

Divemaster: Shaf

Deck Hand: Alam

Steward: Romesh

Steward: Sultan

Chef : Isuru

2nd Chef : Kashun

Dhoni Captain: Visham

Dhoni Crew: Alamin

Dhoni Crew: Sogib



Cynthia, Barry, John, Justin, Kathleen, Jim, Roberta, Tanya, Ted



Monday – Villingili Kandu, Villingili Kandu, Koodhoo Fish Factory

Tuesday – Koodhoo South Corner, Nailandhoo Kandu, Dahadhoo Channel, Maarehaa Giri

Wednesday –  Kondey Kandu, Maarehaa Kandu, Kondey Kandu

Thursday – South West Plateau, Tiger Zoo, West Wall

Friday – Maa Corner, British Loyalty Wreck, Gan Giri

Saturday - Maa Corner, British Loyalty Wreck

Sunday February 07th

This week we welcomed 9 Americans aboard the Aggressor II. We picked everyone up from the airport Sunday evening and headed out to the Dhoni for prepare the equipment, have dinner and our safety and welcoming briefing. We came up with a plan for the week and headed to bed so we could be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning!


Monday February 8th

We wake up at Gaafu Atoll, where we are gonna pass our 3 next days of the trip. For the cruise’s first dive, also known as the check dive, we went to Villingili Outside, as we drifted along the reef with a mild current we many sharks, and eagle ray and lots of reef fish, then we let the current bring us to the channel to complete the safety stop and all the divers could practice their skill on deploying the DSMB. After breakfast we headed to Villingili Kandu a large channel so our diver could discover the typical Maldivian's channel diving and how to use a hook, they also saw a huge school of Grey Reef sharks. After lunch we went to the near local fish factory for the frenzy feeding of Oceanic Black Tip sharks, what a show! Some of our guest ehere lucky enough to spot a Guitar shark.

After early morning arrival we headed to our first dive in this Atoll, called Villingili Kandu, a very large and deep channel, with a very light incoming current we descended to 30m where we saw a school of grey reef, then due to the depth we quickly start drifting into the channel on a beautiful coral reef where we saw many green turtles and a school of Bumphead Parrot fish. After lunch we when near the local fish factory for the frenzy feeding of oceanic black tip sharks, what a show!!! Finally, after some snacks guest could enjoy an amazing sunset.

After a nice dinner guest chilled out a bit around the salon before head to them state rooms.


Tuesday February 9th

 Our first dive at Koodhoo South Corner near the airport, we quickly descended and hooked to the bottom of the channel at 30 m to look at the shark, then after play a little bit around the edge of the drop off we drifted into the channel. The second dive was also a channel called Nilhandhoo, the strong current brought lots of marine life and make us enjoy a fast drift inside the channel. During lunch time we navigated to south for our latst dive of the day at Dhaadhoo Channel, where due the strong current we decided to do the internal part of the channel and enjoy a gentle drift among the Marble stingrays, Feather stingrays and Green Sea turtles… very enjoyable.

Our last dive before dinner was at Maarehaa Giri, where our guest enjoyed a critter hunt around the reef with a small current. Scorpion fish, Octopuss, Flatworms where some among the spotted ones.


Wednesday February 10th

Still in Gaafu Atoll and with a small current we went for a dive site call Kondey Kandu, where we were rewarded with some nice shark activity and a small school of Eagle rays. We stayed in the area for our next dive at Maareha Kandu a large channel that can be dove from both corner and also the middle part, where divers hook at the drop off around 28m, it was a fantastic dive with a school of eagle ray, countless sharks and marble rays on the bottom. Our last dive of the day at Kondey Coral Garden, the coral garden in the corner was stunning, we had a fantastic easy drift among the Acroporas, Tables Corals, Mushroom Corals and Soft Coral. Amazingly Beautiful.

For the afternoon We decided to watch the stunning sunset from a desert island with white sand beach and green palm trees while the chefs were preparing a great BBQ that was ate around a sand Whale shark that the crew did for the pleasure of the guest.


Thursday February 11th

After a relocation during the night and had crossed the Equator Line, we arrive on the early morning at Fuvamulah island and went for our first dive on the South West Plateau as the current was quite strong when we jump on the water we end up drifting into the blue and saw two tiger sharks, barracudas and a Silky shark. After lunch we headed into Fuvamulah Harbor and dove with the local dive center that organize the tiger shark feeding dive, as we swam along the drop off we counted 3 Tiger sharks and many Silver Tip shark feeding in the deep water. After laying on the bottom we enjoyed 3 more Tiger shark females around the feeding station and passing close to the divers for them great joy and amazing videos, one of the females was quite huge, I will say around 12-15 ft. Then we left the feeding area and we made a drift on the external wall where we enjoyed more Silver Tip sharks and a couple more Tiger sharks.

For our last dive of the day we did a long drift along Fuvamulah West Wall enjoyed an easy dive around some nice corals. Some of the marine fauna include Morey eels, Scorpion Leaf fish, Dragon Nudibranch and Clown fish’s egg.

During dinner time we relocated to Addu atoll where we will finish our last days of the trip.


Friday February 12th

For our last 2 dives of this week we choose first Maa corner which is a Manta Ray cleaning station inside a channel, we were lucky to see 2 Reef Manta ray swimming and cleaning over the pristine coral garden. After breakfast we dove the British Royalty Wreck a 140 m long tanker that sunk during WWII. We were all impressed to swimming through the cargo stern where it has been torpedoed by a German Submarine.

After lunch we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and because some of our guest were leaving early, a cocktail party that gave us the opportunity to thank you our guest for choosing the Aggressor Fleet.

Congratulations to Jim and Kathleen to archive the Mile Stone of 100 dive! Great job guys. Also a special mention to our Iron divers: Jim, John, Ted and Tanya. Well done!

John, Ted and Tanya will continue the trip with us so we decided to send them on a night dive at Gan Giri…have fun guys!!!


Saturday February 6th

Early on the morning we said goodbye to the guest that leave us and wished them a fantastic trip continuation.

The other 3 guest decided to repeat the Manta Cleaning Station and the wreck for them last dives and they were rewarded with some more Mantas and an amazing visibility. What a nice day!

Times come to wash all and pack thee stuff, for some is time to go home and for others more days of sun are waiting ahead.


Sunday February 7th

Thanks again for joining us this week along the Maldives Aggressor 2, we hope to see you again soon!

Maldives Aggressor 2 Crew