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Maldives Aggressor II
February 23 - 1, 2020
Creature Feature Week
Wayne Brown

Socorro Aggressor
Guadalupe Itinerary

Cage Diving with Great Whites
August 1 - 5, 2020
Creature Feature Week
Wayne Brown

Arabian Aggressor
Djibouti Itinerary
January 15 - 22,  2021



Cayman Islands - 06/2018

Nile River, Egypt - 01/2018


Wayne Brown

Wayne B. Brown, Chairman and CEO

As Chairman and CEO, one of the most important parts of the business is to travel to Aggressor Adventures destinations to ensure we are continuing to deliver the safety, quality and personal service that we have built our reputation on. These visits also allow me to not only spend time with all the guests but to feed my love for diving and photography as well.

Nile Queen & Sri Lanka Safari Lodge - March, 2019

When I plan out my schedule to visit our destinations each year, I usually try to combine a couple that may be in the same parts of the world. This was the case with my recent adventure I just returned from where I spent time on our Aggressor River Cruise in Egypt aboard the Nile Queen and then hopped to Sri Lanka for our Aggressor Safari Lodge located there. Why not combine the desert with the jungles? That’s how adventures work!

Aggressor River Cruises, Nile Queen

Dating back to 2500 BC, the history of Egypt and its preserved antiquities is the adventure of a lifetime. We slowly cruised down the storied Nile River with our guests while visiting ancient temples and quarry sites for the great pyramids and surrounded ourselves in the local culture and people that live and work along it’s ancient banks. Touring King Tut’s untouched tomb in the Valley of the Kings and walking among the many many ornate columns of Karnak Temple on the East Bank of Luxor is so inspiring of what our ancient ancestors created with so little technology! With only 16 guests, 5 star accommodations & service and chef prepared meals, the Aggressor Nile Queen is the only way to have a complete  Egyptian adventure!

Aggressor Safari Lodges, Sri Lanka

The untamed luxury of our Aggressor Safari Lodge in Sri Lanka is built on the river bank of the amazing Wilpattu National Park. Populated with leopards, sloth bears, deer and untold varieties of birds, it deserves it’s reputation as a national treasure of Sri Lanka. Our adventure also took us to the largest population of Asian Elephants in the world in Minneriya National Park. We could of all sat in one spot watching these giants care for their young and graze on the waters edge for hours. Our side tours to the Buddhist temples showcase how peaceful a religion it is and restores your faith in our world and it’s people.

  Both of these destinations should be on everyone’s calendar and why not experience both at the same time like I did!

Wayne B. Brown
Wayne B. Brown
CEO Aggressor Adventures™