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Seven Seas Explorers Club

Exclusive Seven Seas Club

Welcome to the Seven Seas Club. 
Guests who have dived seven seas aboard an Aggressor liveaboard yacht will be inducted into the Seven Seas Club. Includes seven of the eight seas Aggressor yachts operate in.

A few of the ongoing benefits of the Seven Seas Club are:
  • Complimentary Stateroom Upgrades.
  • Recognition in the Seven Seas Hall of Fame.
  • Frequent drawings for Aggressor vouchers and boutique apparel.
  • Exclusive Seven Sea logo gift.
  • Repeat Guests also receive a 10% discount on all rental gear, nitrox (where applicable), boutique, photography equipment rentals, videos and courses.

Stateroom Upgrades
One week prior to the yacht departure date, Seven Seas Club members will be upgraded to a single supplement or type stateroom based on availability. Upgrades will be done prior to departure date.

* Aggressor Nile River Cruises and the Cuba Travel Programs I & II trips do not count toward VIP, VIPplus
or Seven Seas club status.

Seven Seas

Here are the current eight seas Aggressor yachts operate in. The Seven Seas Club includes any Aggressor yachts guests have traveled on. Hall of Fame inductees will be notified once they have dived seven seas.

Caribbean Sea
Belize Aggressor III
Belize Aggressor IV (previously Sun Dancer II)
Cayman Aggressor IV
Roatan Aggressor

North Atlantic
Bahamas Aggressor (previously Carib Dancer)
Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
(Dominican Republic & Turks & Caicos)

Questions? Email
Eastern Pacific
Galapagos Aggressor III
Okeanos Aggressor (Cocos)
Okeanos Aggressor II (Cocos)
Kona Aggressor II
Socorro Aggressor

Indian Ocean
Maldives Aggressor II
Sri Lanka Aggressor

Andaman Sea
Thailand Aggressor

Arabian Sea
Oman Aggressor

Red Sea
Red Sea Aggressor I
Red Sea Aggressor II

South Pacific
Indo Aggressor (previously Komodo Dancer)
Palau Aggressor II
Rock Islands Aggressor (previously Tropic Dancer)
Raja Ampat Aggressor (Indonesia)

Meet Our Seven Seas Club Members 
Bill Baggett
Morgan Barsi
Theresa Bowman
Wayne Brown
Loralee Byrnes
Allen Chan
Sean Cogburn
Eli Conner IV
Sue Doran
Noel Durrant
Heather Edwards
Simona Figini
Debby Graves
Michael Haber
Gary Hals
Anne Hasson
Wayne Hasson Jr.
Jackie Hedgpeth
Stephen Jaeckel
Scott Johnson
James Kinnard
Laura La Gassa
John LaBarbera
Donna Lattin
BRUCE Leibowitz
George Lippert
Joe Lodmell
David Maples
Jane Martin
Heisenberg Mesgleski
Julie Mingus
Kiki Moseley
Linda Natho
Ron Nicolaysen
Woody Palicia
Jukka Pokkinen
Maarit Pokkinen
Stephanie Putnam
Evin Rattner
Noah Rattner
Gina Razete
Paul Riley
Ezzie Russell
Tom Russen
Benny Schroeyers
Regine Schroeyers-Desmedt
Trecia Sigle
Donald Stubbs