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Aggressor Adventures™ VIPplus Club

plus Club Status
Once you become a VIP Club Member and have traveled with us a total of 25 times, you become a  VIPplus Club member and you'll receive a FREE trip on any Travel With the Owner week with CEO Wayne Brown or President Wayne Hasson to the Bahamas, Belize (2 yachts) Cayman, or Turks & Caicos or during any other week of your choice on the same yachts. View schedule
Stateroom Upgrades

One week prior to the departure date, VIPplus Club members will be upgraded to a single supplement or type room based on availability.
Upgrades will be done prior to departure date.

Meet Our VIPplus Club Members
Brian P Ackerman
Dennis Lee Adams
Lynn Hsu Barnard
Richard Barnard
Audrey Lynne Begun
Dana Lynne Begun
Frank P. Begun
Theresa A. Bowman
Ramna Brandt
Dana F. Brown
Wayne B Brown
Steven J Cohen
Suzanne Doran
Brenda H Dunn
Carson Richard Dunn
Sam Forbes
Paul John Gacek
Kingsley F Graham
Donna Greene
Douglas Greene
Michael Joseph Haber
Gary Hancock
Anne D Hasson
Wayne Ray Hasson Jr.
Elaine D Ingulli
Arthur Scott Johnson
Jean S. Kilgour
Murray S. Kilgour
John Anthony LaBarbera
Bruce Leibowitz
JoAnne Lightner
Donald Gage Lightner, Jr
John Allen Martinetti
Jeffrey A McKee
Michael Mesgleski
Linda Lewis Miller
Donald Eugene Pivonka
Gina A Razete
Paul William Riley
Herve Rodriguez
Gerda-Christine Schaaf
Hans Joachim Schaaf
Thomas Robert Smith
Kurt A Spaugh
Lynn K Spaugh
Stan Stojkovic
Bridget Thomas
Peter A. Tongue
David W Treen
Andrew Kane Vactor
Karen Alice Levitz Vactor
Christine Chrysler Weidt
Don S. Wilson